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According to Canning's sister Jean Tearle, Victor Canning moved to Hunt Street Farmhouse, Crundale, Kent, shortly after his marriage in 1935. She describes the house as "a lovely little cottage". It is now a listed building. Crundale was the address used by Canning in the preface to Everyman's England in 1936. One chapter of that book contains a description of an unnamed village which is probably Crundale. Canning wrote to The Times in October 1937 asking for tips on how to cure a smoking chimney, a problem he had encountered in Crundale, although by then he had moved to Benenden. In The Python Project the country cottage of the runaway Martin Freeman is "Ash Cottage, Crundale, Kent".

Crundale is a small village near Godmersham off the Ashford to Canterbury Road. Close by is the village of Olantigh, used as the name of the torpedoed freighter in Atlantic Company.