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My view of things

Article (1,120 words)

One of a series of Daily Mail features allowing YOUTH to express itself about current issues. Much of the piece is lightly facetious, but Canning becomes passionate towards the end on the subject of education, the countryside and the environment. "As for patriotism, it seems to me to be a strange perversion of mind that those people who are so ready to indulge in flag-waving and aggressiveness at even an imaginary insult to their country's honour are quite content to sit back and let their countryside be ravaged and despoiled by ugly buildings. If patriotism really means a love of one's country, then it is time the Englishman began to take an acute interest in the preservation of the amenities and beauties of England. Until that time flag-waving means little more than a strained arm and the achievement of a draught. When I see less litter about the countryside I shall know that as a race we are becoming truly patriotic. "

The Daily Mail, 29 February 1936