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Modesty Blaise publications by Peter O'Donnell

In books In strips, republished by Titan Books
with approximate dates of first publication in The Evening Standard.

Details of other editions are included in the Wikipedia entry for 'Modesty Blaise'.

  Titan 1: La Machine, The Long Lever, The Gabriel Setup, In the Beginning
Modesty Blaise. Souvenir Press, 1965. Titan 2: Mister Sun, The Mind of Mrs Drake, Uncle Happy
Sabre-Tooth. Souvenir Press, 1966. Titan 3: Top Traitor, The Vikings, The Head Girls
I Lucifer. Souvenir Press, 1967. Titan 4: The Black Pearl, The Magnified Man, The Jericho Caper, The Killing Ground
NB: The Killing Ground was a brief story written for other papers during a printers' strike at The Evening Standard. It was later expanded as the story Bellman in Cobra Trap.
  Titan 5: Bad Suki, The Galley Slaves, The Red Gryphon
A Taste for Death. Souvenir Press, 1969. Titan 6: The Hell-makers, Takeover, The Warlords of Phoenix
The Impossible Virgin. Souvenir Press, 1971. Titan 7: Willie the Djinn, The Green-eyed Monster, Death of a Jester
Pieces of Modesty (short stories). Pan Books, 1972.
  • A Better Day to Die
  • The Giggle-wrecker
  • I had a Date with Lady Janet
  • A Perfect Night to Break your Neck
  • Salamander Four
  • The Soo Girl Charity
Titan 8: The Stone Age Caper, The Puppet Master, With Love from Rufus
The Silver Mistress. Souvenir Press, 1973. Titan 9: The Bluebeard Affair, The Gallows Bird, The Wicked Gnomes, The Iron God
  Titan 10: Take me to your Leader, Highland Witch, Cry Wolf
Last Day in Limbo. Souvenir Press, 1976. Titan 11: The Reluctant Chaperon, The Greenwood Maid, Those about to Die, The Inca Trail
  Titan 12: The Vanishing Dollybirds, The Junk Men, Death Trap

Dragon's Claw. Souvenir Press, 1978.

Titan 13: Idaho George, The Golden Frog, Yellowstone Booty
  Titan 14: Green Cobra, Eve and Adam , Brethren of Blaise

The Xanadu Talisman. Souvenir Press, 1981.

Titan 15: Dossier on Pluto, The Ladykillers, Garvin's Travels

The Silver Mistress. new edition with illustrations by Romero.
Archival Press, 1981.

Titan 16: The Scarlet Maiden, The Moonman, A Few Flowers for the Colonel

The Night of Morningstar. Souvenir Press, 1982.

Titan 17: The Balloonatic, Death in Slow Motion, The Alternative Man
  Titan 18: Sweet Caroline, The Return of the Mammoth, Plato's Republic, Sword of the Bruce

Dead Man's Handle. Souvenir Press, 1985.

Titan 19: The Wild Boar, Kali's Disciples, The Double Agent
  Titan 20: Butch Cassidy Rides Again, Million Dollar Game, The Vampire of Malvescu
  Titan 21: Samantha and the Cherub, Milord, Live Bait
Also published as a set by Manuscript Press in the USA, 2002
  Titan 22: The Girl from the Future, The Big Mole, Lady in the Dark
Also published as a set in the USA by Manuscript Press, 2003
  Titan 23: Fiona, Walkabout, The Girl in the IronMask
  Titan 24: The Young Mistress, Ivory Dancer, Our Friend Maude
  Titan 25: A Present for the Princess, Black Queen's Pawn, The Grim Joker
  Titan 26: Guido the Jinx, The Killing Distance, The Aristo
  Titan 27: Ripper Jax, The Maori Contract, Honeygun, Durango,
Cobra Trap (short stories). Souvenir Press, 1996.
  • Bellman
  • The Dark Angels
  • Old Alex
  • The Girl with the Black Balloon
  • Cobra Trap
Titan 28: The Murder Frame, Fraser's Story, Tribute of the Pharaoh, The Special Orders

A version of The Dark Angels, drawn by Romero, was published in Comics Revue #200 in 2002.

  Titan 29: The Hanging Judge, The Children of Lucifer, The Death Symbol
  Titan 30: The Last Aristocrat, The Killing Game, The Zombie

A Modesty Blaise Companion by Lawrence Blackmore, with plot summaries and an index to the two thousand characters who appear in the books and strips, was published by The Book Palace in 2005, with a new edition in 2018.

Romances by Peter O'Donnell writing as Madeleine Brent

Tregaron's Daughter. Souvenir Press, 1971.

Moonraker's Bride. Souvenir Press, 1973.

Merlin's Keep. Souvenir Press, 1975.

Kirkby's Changeling. Souvenir Press, 1977. US title Stranger at Wildings.

The Capricorn Stone. Souvenir Press, 1979.

The Long Masquerade. Souvenir Press, 1981.

Heritage of Shadows. Souvenir Press, 1983.

Stormswift. Souvenir Press, 1984.

Golden Urchin. Souvenir Press, 1986.


Mr. Fothergill's Murder. English Theatre Guild, 1982.
This play has no explicit connection with the Modesty Blaise canon, but the title picks up a reference to a character in the first Modesty Blaise novel.

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